From Institutions to Individuals: On Becoming Person Centred

April 1, 2010 at 2:18 pm Leave a comment

Susan Stanfield has a written a great article on Community Living and our progress towards becoming more person-centred in our planning and supports.

When we hear the word institution in the context of community living, we think of the daunting, prison-like structures where people with disabilities were warehoused through much of the last century. The very term “community living” denotes a position against such structures and the exclusionary attitudes that led to their creation. But institutions aren’t just a physical thing. The word also applies to organizations (as in a banking institution, or educational institution), and to social customs (the institution of marriage). To be “institutional” is to be structured, formalized, bound by a set of established principles or rules. A system can be institutional, through its policies and practices, without any physical manifestation of what we commonly think of as an institution.

Read the whole article here.

For more articles by Susan Stanfield and Aaron Johannes, click on their publications page at the 101 Ways to Make Friends site.


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