Study Session on Person Centred Supports

March 25, 2010 at 4:51 am Leave a comment

On March 23 and 24th, 2010 thirty participants from BC and Alberta met with Michael Kendrick to participate in a Study Session on Person Centred Supports.

The focus of the event was to gather together serious minded practitioners for a rather more indepth sharing and analysis of what has worked and what remains difficult in generating person centred options in BC. The intent was to record what transpired and to prepare a document that captures what is learned. Michael Kendrick acted as the facilitator for the event and will likely be involved in putting together whatever document emerges. This event would look at person centred work in all domains of people’s lives eg work, home, community, personal networks, leisure etc

The aims of this special study session, in more detail, are as follows:

a) To make availble the opportunity for each participating agency to share what they have accomplished to date in an organized way. Apparently, many agencies are sometimes unaware of the detail of the work of other agencies even though they are working along similar lines.

b) To identify what has worked well and met with at least some measure of success and try to define this success as well as its limits.

c) To identify the challenges that have arisen and what has proven difficult to surpass in terms of these challenges and why this is so.

d) To generate recommendations as to how matters could be improved.

e) To identify where useful leadership is needed and the potential sources of that leadership.

f) To allow some time for socialization and continued networking.


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